Updating and Redlining Documents
Just drag and drop your latest documents, including RFIs, ASIs, Addendums, and FMs into designated folders and we will take care of the rest. We even send you notifications when the updates are completed, along with a list of discrepancies and issues.
Integrating and Hyperlinking ASIs, RFIs, Addendums, Schedules, Indexes, PRs and FMs
Simply drag and drop the documents you need updated and we will handle the rest so that you can get back to doing what you do best - Build.
Centrally Locating Your Documents
We will work with your hosting requirements whether you choose to host on your server or on ours. Unlike others, we do not require your company to host documents with us. We can work with your server, Box, Sharefile, Sharepoint, Egnyte and many others. In addition, we do not require contracts for specific lengths of time or for a minimum amount of work. You pay for exactly what you need.
Electronic Closeout
We take the hassle and headache away from you for your close out process. Our team will compile, connect and create an electronic closeout package which will be accessible from your desktop, tablet or iPad so that you have ALL of your close out documents at your fingertips. Even better, we can add on to the closeout package for each new job awarded by owners so that owners have ALL of their close out documents for each of their projects in ONE PLACE.

Enhanced Team Communication

We help provide a collaborative environment with enhanced team communication.Centralize Your Data, Ensure the Most Current Documents are Accessible By All Parties, including Your Subcontractors, Owners, and Architects, Implement Document Control Best Practices, and Start Your Closeout Process from the Beginning. We assist with your hardware setup and help configure your software. We'll track the discrepancies and issues for your and provide you a report on a daily basis. We have a quick turn around time for posting updates and guarantee exceptional service.

Substantially Reduce Costs

We reduce costs across the board and maximize time and efficiency on the job. Print Savings, Time Savings, Savings From Minimized Miscommunications, and Savings From Catching Errors Quickly. Construction Document mistakes are of common occurrence. Our Virtual Project Engineers find the mistakes, make corrections when able, and provide our clients with ongoing reports outlining any issues so the GC can work directly with the Architect to issue RFIs and ASIs as needed.

Why choose our services?

Many of today's software systems and programs claim to have automatic hyperlinking capabilities; however, upon close examination, those systems are not error free. Document corrections, replacements, redlines, reviews and annotations, in addition to file set up and organization, still need to be performed on an ongoing basis by one or more members of your team. Our Virtual Project Engineers work as extensions to your team so that you do not need to take time from your day to perform these tasks.
Have other ideas? Need additional functionality? Just ask - because we are a service company, not a software. We are your Virtual Project Engineers. Eliminate the time consuming and sometimes confusing process of organizing, navigating, and keeping your construction documents current. We offer an easy, trackable way of locating all of the information you need for your project at the touch of the finger.